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Open skies, deep shadows,
warm meadows

the peaceful rippling
of an ice cold stream

in awe you are captured
immersed in silent meaning
by the grandiose and graceful
spring of all healing

You know life,
and you grow

What moves hearts, opens eyes, breaks barriers, inspires action and unites people?

By Johan Franzén June 2016

We know story matters.

Our desire is to find, tell and re-tell great stories. Stories about nature, about relationships, about love, business, crime, blood, and ideas. Stories about people. People who face challenge, dare to dream, fight, and grow. Because somehow. Without it, we have nothing, we are nothing. Nature is everything.

We work as an independent producer on smaller turnkey projects, or in collaboration with others on larger productions.

We do:

  • Writing
  • Filming & Photography
  • Aerial filming
  • Sound recording & sound bites production
  • Editing
  • Light CGI & Special FX
  • Light Color Correction
  • Mastering

Our speciality is filming in remote Scandinavian Wilderness areas. The Archipelago Sea in South-Western Finland is our home-field. In the north, Lapland is our second nature. 

Our in-house equipments reflect our speciality: agile, dependable, light weight, quick and easy to set-up.

We evaluate, we make descisions and we take actions.

By Johan Franzén January 2016

Every choice we make has a cause and an effect. So, let's do what we enjoy doing, for meaningful reasons! Let's do it according to our core values, respectful towards all of life.

  • We regard business as a tool to enhance human experience.
  • Awesome nature films inspire altruism in people.
    It's scientifically examined and documented, a fact.
  • We strive to make the most of it.

If you like that, we will probably like you, and want to work with you!